Skin Tag, Corn, Mole, Warts

skin Tag

Skin Tags :

This little flap of skin forms because of friction. It’s been rubbed by a collar, clothing, or sometimes it comes from skin rubbing against skin, particularly under the arm. It starts as a small bump or gland in the skin. Then, once it starts rubbing, there’s a snowball effect. The little ball of skin cells gets pulled up further and further until it’s hanging by a thread. You end up with a ball of skin attached to a thin pedestal.

skin Corn

Skin corn :

Corn typically appears at the bottom of the foot of the person where the surface is hairless and the friction of the body movement is the most. Corn can be painful and may hinder the daily work routine.

The main cause for occurring for Corn is the friction of the footwear people wear or the pressure on the bones. Corn can be hard or soft. It is also caused by repetitive activities like running, climbing, and walking, which cause undue friction in the legs.

Corn Removal Treatment-

There are many Corn removal treatments. Doctors may use the methods according to the condition of the foot Corn. The most effective and common method for treating Corn is using corn pads. Even applicators and plasters may relieve the patient from the Corn. Apart from these, the doctors also use lasers, cautery, surgical excision for the same.

skin mole

Skin mole :

Moles are a pigmented collection of cells on the top layer of the skin. Most of the Moles are black or brown, but they can also be in blue and red in some patients. Moles are caused due to the growth of melanocytes in a cluster in the skin. These cells are pigmented, and hence Moles are seen clearly with naked eyes.

Moles can grow with age and also go away. With a change in skin type and exposure to the sun, Moles appear darker with time.

Treatment of Moles Removal-

Moles are generally harmless. But, when a person notices a larger mole with a rough texture and discolouration, it is suitable for him/her to visit the doctor for the removal of moles. If a person sees that Moles are increasing in size and getting itchy, visiting the cosmetic physician immediately is a great idea. Moles can be treated with shave excision or excisional biopsy.  Apart from these, the doctors also use lasers, cautery, and surgical excision to remove the moles.

skin warts

Skin warts :

Warts are small emergence of rough skin on any part of the body. It looks like an emerging lump of cauliflower. People with weaker immune systems are prone to have Warts. Warts are caused by a virus called HPV virus, and generally, they require medical help for removal. Also, the appearance of Warts depends upon the thickness of the body skin of the patient.

Treatments for Warts Removal-

To remove Warts successfully, doctors use treatments like salicylic acid, cryotherapy, laser treatment, surgery, chemical therapy, antigen shots, and photodynamic therapy. Apart from these, the doctors also use lasers, cautery, and surgical excision to get rid of warts.

Most Warts get removed with time without any treatment. But, they do not go away; a visit to the cosmetic physician is essential. The best sort of treatment after Wart removal is the use of salicylic acid. Most of the creams and patches contain salicylic acid, which effectively removes Warts and treats the skin.

If Warts do not get treated with standard procedures, doctors also suggest the patients go for immunotherapy and use antibiotics that remove the infection.